Church Picnic & Baptism

If you are interested in publicly confessing your faith in Jesus Christ, please see Pastor Franz.

When: August

  • Many people choose to get baptized at the church picnic in August, but you can be baptized anytime

Where: Clear Lake at Ted & Renee Ison’s

  • Many of our baptisms happen in one of the local lakes, but we have the ability to perform baptism at the church as well.

Please ask us if you have any question on baptism.  You can also look at our pamphlets on baptism or listen to our past sermons on baptism to learn more.

Baptism in 2018 provided an amazing day – All day the weather forecast was rain. 

We weren’t sure if we would be able to have a picnic but God granted us a window of time… 

The weather cleared and by noon, we had a beautiful day! 

On top of the great weather, we had 15 baptisms!  It was amazing to be a part of it all. 

We started cleaning up all the food, games and gear when it began to rain. 

Thank you Lord for the blessings…

Baptism Pictures